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Je suis un consultant en management et en stratégie. Je suis spécialisé dans le management de l'information (entreprise 2.0, travail collaboratif intelligence économique...)

Recognition of employees : what’s the impact of digital

fantastic job!!!Company of the futur, the one from the digital world, will carry tomorrow a management model yet to be invented: it should be more respectful of people’s differences, aspirations, attentive to the impact of changes, transparent on expected compensation. This new model will have to answer to both collective goals and satisfy individual ambitions; Knowing how to make up economic and social. But if the digital revolution can enhance the role of each one, it can also be a new Taylorism, destructive of the human side. Or it’s a new form of control, less visible and therefore more harmful,  modelled on the image of the Panopticon prison model developed in the 18th century by Jeremy Bentham, in which the potential of being watched is more efficient than surveillance itself?

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Roadmap of organizational development of digital transformation

logo As you may know, last month there was the Enterprise 2.0 summit on designing the digital transformation. I am a usual suspect of that type of conference, and this time they asked me to explain quickly my vision of a roadmap of organizational development of digital transformation.

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Digital transformation : relaunch class war

ows-class-warAt the end of the XIX century, the contrast between blue-collar and white-collar was important and helped in strengthening the class war concept. The first still being treated worse than the second. With the digitization of business, when more and more things are automated, are we going to reinforce this pattern?

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Digital transformation : the hare and tortoise

FABLES LIEVRE TORTUEThere is a lot of talks these days about digital transformation, unfortunately I feel no real sense of emergency inside companies. But this sense of urgency is required to create momentum and provide the impetus.

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