Digital Transformation : a long quest

monty-python-sacre-graal-02-gThe digital transformation is the current Holy Grail of business (this is also known as Enterprise 2.0, social business), but our leaders have the same problem as the Knights of King Arthur, where to look and with what knights?

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Digital transformation : from brain to legs

sportSupport the digital transformation of an enterprise requires expertise, but also the means to deploy. If many projects fail, it is not by chance. Often one of these two conditions is generally not fulfilled.

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Social business : trust and meaning

TrustMore and more companies explain that they are digital, they have an enterprise social network, they are on social media, they have adopted the language of collaboration. So what ? What about corporate culture, digitazing processes, management…

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Digital workplace : lesson from the past

dgwpFor a long time IT has managed digital issues for their company. Since the last few years marketing and communication are more and more competitors on this topic. Especially thanks to the development of the SAAS and the Cloud, the tool becoming just a lever, but not the backbone of a digital transformation. But with the rise of the digital workplace, IT is back in the game Lire la suite

Enterprise 2.0, a new cycle ?

PDCA-CycleThis post has been originaly published in french on 01 Business. During the last enterprise 2.0 summit, there was a weird felling of where are we going or not going. A kind of downturn of the concept. If there is not really a downturn that’s true that we are at a turning point.

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