Social business : your worst nightmare ?

t-shirt_1984_george_orwell-2Most of the time, though leaders or consultants  show social business/ enterprise 2.0 as the model of the next enterprise, the one which make match successful business and well being for the employees in a win-win mode. Are you sure ? Usually this issue of social business is focus on the enterprise social network, and that’s just a tool. So the result is related to what you do with this tool. When you see how ours organizations currently run, are you undoubted that we go in the right way for a better world, or a worse one ?

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The new challenges of management at the digital time

Oracles management announced for the last ten years the death of traditional organizations: welcome to the digital economy, the network organization and the dematerialized management. However, the forescast seems to become reality : we have to accept the fact that our old organization are dying and that opens a new era in the life of organizations. Therefore, let’s try to isolate the features of a radically new management which we call here « management 2.0. »Â We shall take a particular angle: in what does this evolution towards a management 2.0 modify in a deep way the use that we make of information technologies,  which the smartphone is the most visible emblem ? The original post in French is here.

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Management 2.0 and worker engagement

Engagement is fashionable concept, but most of al it’s a business management concept.

Employee Engagement is a measurable degree of an employee’s positive or negative emotional attachment to their job, colleagues and organization which profoundly influences their willingness to learn and perform at work

So behind this concept, what about social business ?

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Social business : digital smuggler, does it make sense ?

Yesterday I was at a conference about HR2.0 as a speaker, where I was discussing notably with Claude Super, Franck La Pinta, Didier Baichere about evangelism and social business, HR2.0.

Being speaker at seminars, conferences, or through our blogs and more broadly by our writings, we have a role of digital smuggler, about the impact that can have the use of these social tools in organizations.

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Organizations face four major challenges concerning enterprise social network

A new challenge for this blog, a weekly english post (failed twice in the past but as Confucius said : « The greatest glory isn’t in never falling but  to rise up in every fall »). Why, cause now I am  EMEA Social Business Director at MSLGROUP, and to evangelize my international peers, english fits better than french. Most of the time, I’ll translate post I’ve already written in french for this blog. If they are a little bit old, no worries I’m going to update them.

Here is the first one of a long series I hope 😉

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