Social Business : begin by a social media strategy or deploy an enterprise social network first ?


Often people wonder if they have to begin to deploy an enterprise social network inside to develop a collaborative culture, or begin by a social media presence on the internet. The good point is more and more people don’t ask why they have to do that, but how they’ll do it. People like the Altimeters group has an answer, because for them the internal transformation is there to help you to scale up your social media strategy. If their study is a good one, may be there is few more details to answer to this issue.


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Social media : Can the french pigeons movement be reproduced

Every year there are breaking news on social media, that becomes case study, as Nestle. The french pigeons movement seem to get in the way. You must have heard about it, anglo-saxon press relayed it. Anyway, a quick summary before seeing further. Continuer la lecture