Digital workplace : lesson from the past

dgwpFor a long time IT has managed digital issues for their company. Since the last few years marketing and communication are more and more competitors on this topic. Especially thanks to the development of the SAAS and the Cloud, the tool becoming just a lever, but not the backbone of a digital transformation. But with the rise of the digital workplace, IT is back in the game Continuer la lecture

Social business : Fire all the managers won’t change the enterprise

manager-destabilises Many people think that it is very hard to engage  manager in social business project even if they are a corner stone of a digital transformation. Because it is not only about the implementation of a social enterprise network, but about transforming the organization and its business processes and management methods. I already wrote about it a few time ago and here too. But it is still valid, and during a conference devoted to the evolution of management, someone asked me at the end of my presentation on leadership in networked organization, how to integrate front managers. Here is a quick anwser, even there is not a single way or only one solution.

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Entreprise collaborative on en est où ?

Tendances_Entreprise_Collaborative_logo_620x350Voici un livre blanc sur les tendances de l’entreprise collaborative et soutenu par Box. Dans ce cadre, « 5 spécialistes », dont moi, se sont exprimés sur ce sujet. Voici mon article

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Social business is dead, really ?

m.3640_powazki-cemeteryThis post has been publish in french originally for 01Business.

At the end of last year many blog post was about the end of social business like this one on Brian Solis’blog titled social business is dead which suggests that  collaboration, social, whatever word is already outdated for business. It should therefore provide a new buzzword. No offense to my colleagues  from agencies, the real need is still present even if the concept is not as marketing they would like.

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