Roadmap of organizational development of digital transformation

logo As you may know, last month there was the Enterprise 2.0 summit on designing the digital transformation. I am a usual suspect of that type of conference, and this time they asked me to explain quickly my vision of a roadmap of organizational development of digital transformation.


To be more clear, here is some comments about this deck :

The slide 2 explains that digital transformation is mainly about 3 dimensions and this transformation gets impacts, even if for this conference, it was more about the internal dimension.

The idea behind the slides 3 to 7 is related to the inertia that you can find within a company when it’s about transformation. So you need to create a shock to make them react and mobilize the right persons to support your project, otherwise alone it’s gonna be very difficult. Even if there is never one path or method, because it should match with the DNA/culture of the company.

However, most of the time you need an hybrid approach (slide 8) :

  • top-down and bottom up
  • centralized and decentralized
  • quick and slow

But to do something (slide 9), you need to want to do it, know how to do it, and of get the means to accomplish it. If only one of this three pillars is missing, again it will be complex, because it’s not only about the will, you need to know how to do it, even if a test and learn method is still advisable. If you don’t have the means, even with your knowledge you’ll be exhausted very quickly.

So you can have your own method, you need to begin from needs, the business…, it’s not about let’s make some conversations. Then so what (slide 10) ?

I won’t describe more the slides 11 and 12 are self supporting. The idea is to show that the impacts are at different levels : organization, team, invdividual, so the challenges are different as well even if they are all connected. And after that a suggestion of roadmap, even if once again, there not one way

I hope it will be helpful