Optimising Digital Collaboration from the Inside Out

1436_10153663760447702_8955458409210369648_nCurrently, a lot of people produce articles, posts, points of view… about digital transformation or digital collaboration. So why another one produced by MSLGROUP ? Because the purpose is not to teach you a lesson or bring a new magic formula to solve all your problems. Our idea was more to come back to the basis, answer to the question that our clients asked us when we meet. Get points of view as well with few interviews like I did with L’Oreal’s CDO during a previous interview about this topic.

01 Optimising Digital Collaboration from the Inside Out: Fad or Fundamental?
02 New Business Models Spur New Behaviours
03 Behind the Scenes at Airbnb
04 Digital Collaboration Leadership
05 Digital Collaboration Transitions Backed by the Executive Committee06 Governance to Support the Vision08 Case study: Behind the Scenes at Cannon
10 Boosting Employee Engagement
11 The Crux of the Transition
12 From Information to Participation
13 A Culture Change for Employees
15 Case study: Behind the Scenes at Ahold USA
16 Digitising Customer Relations
17 Ongoing Actions and Reactions
19 Organising in a Branded Content Setting
21 Conclusion
22 A Fresh Vision of Your Company
23 About the Authors