Management 2.0 : Manage Collaboration inside Enterprise

2475450229_399946c5b0For a long time I wanted  to translate in english some of my posts and further to my discussions with Dennis Stevenson, Susan Scrupski and Daniel Hudson, I have decided to start today. I must also say that the ranking of the most influential individuals on Enterprise 2.0: The 2010 enterprise 2.0 All-Star Blogger Roster (thank you Mark for ranking me in, although my posts were written in french), gave me the momentum to translate some posts once or twice a month.

This first one is related to a conference on Entreprise 2.0 (part of the General Management and Strategy Program) for an audience at HEC Executive Education (HEC is ranked first business school in Europe by the Financial Times). The objective of this article is to share the conference material.

In the first part of the program, there was an intervention on Marketing 2.0, so I made only  few slides on the subject, not to be redundant with another speaker. Then I focus on collaboration inside the enterprise (Management 2.0), after all, it was a Conference on Management.

For those who follow this blog, the original post in French is here.