Enterprise 2.0 Expert Talk: Success Factors for Employee Engagement

As you may know, each year stands the Enterprise 2.0 summit (2013 : 21st and 22nd of march, save the date) in Paris, the main european conference on enteprise 2.0. This year to prepare it, Bjoern has the right idea to organize some hangouts with the Enterprise 2.0 / Social Business experts of the summit (#e20s). Yesterday, I was participating to the hangouts about Success factors for Employee Engagement, with Susan Scrupski, Luis Suarez and Greg Lowe.

This question on engagement is an very important issue, cause lot of social business projects fail at the end, because of the non engagement of the employees. You have the feeling that in one hand you get the collaboration out of the business flow and in the other end the business process. If you don’t merge both, you can’t transform your enterprise in a social one, not to mention the issue of trust in the company. Let’s watch about that :