Digital transformation : how to make the shift internally

Last week, took place the #HubForum under the title connect, transform or die. In strong resonance with this topic, I’ve been a speaker, under Publicis Consultants Netintelligenz (MSLGROUP) tag, to talk about digital transformation during ten minutes stage (short one, so you have to be sharp).


Congrats @aponcier for your speech at the #HUBFORUM : for me, the most inspiring with the one of @matfree (DigitasLBI president for France) #PublicisRocks


Here is the presentation :

  • Transform or die : World is evolving quickly, and companies have to adapt if they want to survive.
  • Digital trinity : Those evolutions impact the enterprise on 3 dimensions which oblige to rethink those process and management mode (this presentation is only about the internal part).
  • Out of the box thinking : Think different about enterprise, because it’s about culture and mindset that we are talking about.
  • Like a fishnet, the organization embraces the movement of the sea : There are a lot of organization pattern like hubskpoke or halocratie, but most of all it’s about culture, so you can’t just copy paste an existing model because it’s trendy.
  • Overcome the special interests in favor of collective : Most of the time enterprises are facing a governance issue, global versus local. How make different people work together from different silos, if at the end everyone is assess individualy in its silos, without a collective part.
  • Trust can not exist without room for error : Engagment matter is primary, but it means initiative, room for error, and right now companies are far from that.
  • Just do it : It’s like swimming, you have to act if you want to progress, otherwise it’s a failure. But you can have some help with a lifeguard.