Social business : align conversations on business objectives

objectifsThis article is a translation of a conference I’ve made last year. In fact there is a lot of slides decks on my slideshare account which are still relevant, so why not translate them for my english spoken audience.

Conversations and business seem complicated to link, but if you set up a lunch with colleagues, most of your chat will focus on your dailyjob (slide 2). that’s the same on the enterprise social network. So you need to improve them in the business flow, which not obvious all the time (slide 7), so you need to focus on business target, not social target (slide 8).

You can do that through a digital workplace (slide 13) where the business flow will feed the conversations to align and enrich them (slide 15). But to succeed  there is a way to organize  that through a management of the unstructured information with communities for instance. So you need to follow a precise process to answer to a business request (slide 18).

No more sum up, here is the whole deck :