Do companies kill digital mindset?

dig_mindsetAs we already discussed on this blog, digital transformation is the new Holy Grail for companies. 88% of them have set up a digital project according last Altimeter Group’s research, however, let’s be frank, we are far from a real digital transformation. Things are moving, but the realization is just a first stage. Only if we agree of what is a digital project.

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Management 2.0 : Innovation Across the Enterprise

The history always gave a competitive advantage to nations as to companies which knew how to get organized according to their time. The empire of Charles-Quint was a model of decentralized organization, quite as Caesar for the logistics of his armies.

In the late 90s, the Japanese manufacturers had ensured a competitive advantage through their organizations, by breaking the barriers between business line and support services of the company. We find in these examples an issue of organizational innovation.

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