Management 2.0 : Innovation Across the Enterprise

The history always gave a competitive advantage to nations as to companies which knew how to get organized according to their time. The empire of Charles-Quint was a model of decentralized organization, quite as Caesar for the logistics of his armies.

In the late 90s, the Japanese manufacturers had ensured a competitive advantage through their organizations, by breaking the barriers between business line and support services of the company. We find in these examples an issue of organizational innovation.

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Social Business is a Contact Sport like Rugby

This article follows a chat with Frédéric Domon of social learning. We are both former rugby players and we found a lot of point in common between rugby and the social business. Of course the same analysis could be done with others sports like basketball for instance. If rugby is a ruffian’s game played by gentlemen, is the Enterprise 2.0 implemented by gentlemen (if they keep the spirit), in a ruffian’s world ?

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The new challenges of management at the digital time

Oracles management announced for the last ten years the death of traditional organizations: welcome to the digital economy, the network organization and the dematerialized management. However, the forescast seems to become reality : we have to accept the fact that our old organization are dying and that opens a new era in the life of organizations. Therefore, let’s try to isolate the features of a radically new management which we call here « management 2.0. »Â We shall take a particular angle: in what does this evolution towards a management 2.0 modify in a deep way the use that we make of information technologies,  which the smartphone is the most visible emblem ? The original post in French is here.

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