Emirates or the storytelling of social business

emiratesa380I think you already know that, but just in case, in a social business project, more widely for an organization tranformation project, communication is essential, and unfortunatly too often underestimate. But when you listen feedbacks about enterprise 2.0 this part is always highlight. You need to share messages with your employees, managers, the top management. Ok, so you have feeling that the title of this post is not related to this issue. Not really, let’s see why.


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Management 2.0 : storytelling and community

storytellingLast week my blog post was already about storytelling, but more about the vision. Today it’s more about the benefits of this « technique/skill » in the context of a community. In fact, words are the link and the sociable binder of these communities, even more when they are virtual, the distance distending the physical link.

Even in its future, the community will continue through its history/story. « Champions » of your communities will share their experiences around them to their colleagues, the director of communities or community strategist will promote the community to his sponsors … Communities and often arise through a story where the founding leader outlined his vision of the community, its values, goals …

In this post I will focus on sharing experience in community thanks to the storytelling.

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Management 2.0 : share its vision through storytelling

The-StorytellerAs already posted on this blog, share a vision and meaning is a succes factor for a collaborative project for the commitment of  employees. Share a vision, give direction, it often referred to a leader’s vision (it is true that I stand on these issues rather with the CEO or a C-suite Member), but also leadership skills that are essential in the management of project 2.0. What better way to give meaning, to make impression, if it is not through the storytelling.

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Emirates ou le storytelling de l’entreprise 2.0

Vous le savez ou pas, dans un projet de mise en place du collaboratif, et plus largement dans un projet de transformation des organisations, la communication est primordiale, bien que souvent sous-esmité malheureusement. Et pourtant quand on écoute les retours d’expérience concernant la mise en place de réseau social d’entreprise, cette facette est toujours mise en avant. Il faut faire passer un certain nombre de messages auprès des collaborateurs, des managers, de la direction. Par rapport au titre, vous vous dites qu’on est bien loin du titre de de ce billet, pas vraiment vous allez voir pourquoi.

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