Emirates or the storytelling of social business

emiratesa380I think you already know that, but just in case, in a social business project, more widely for an organization tranformation project, communication is essential, and unfortunatly too often underestimate. But when you listen feedbacks about enterprise 2.0 this part is always highlight. You need to share messages with your employees, managers, the top management. Ok, so you have feeling that the title of this post is not related to this issue. Not really, let’s see why.


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Social Business : begin by a social media strategy or deploy an enterprise social network first ?


Often people wonder if they have to begin to deploy an enterprise social network inside to develop a collaborative culture, or begin by a social media presence on the internet. The good point is more and more people don’t ask why they have to do that, but how they’ll do it. People like the Altimeters group has an answer, because for them the internal transformation is there to help you to scale up your social media strategy. If their study is a good one, may be there is few more details to answer to this issue.


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Enterprise 2.0 : Google + vs. Facebook or Competitor of the Enterprise Social Network editors

g+If you are on Google +, you couldn’t have missed the announcement two weeks ago of the new feature, the communities on Google+. Obviously I receive a lot of invitations to join these communities. Why not, except that they duplicate those already opened by the same people on Linkedin or Facebook (or other members of the group who should be aggrieved not to be the owner). In brief, to much doubloon here. So will Google +  eventually take the lead and other social networks will face the same fate as MySpace, futur tells. In any case Linkedin would do well to look in the rearview mirror.

Anyway, back to the heart of the post, the competition announced  between Google +  and social networks enterprise editors (it was already my analisys for the launch of Google + last year).

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Organizations face four major challenges concerning enterprise social network

A new challenge for this blog, a weekly english post (failed twice in the past but as Confucius said : « The greatest glory isn’t in never falling but  to rise up in every fall »). Why, cause now I am  EMEA Social Business Director at MSLGROUP, and to evangelize my international peers, english fits better than french. Most of the time, I’ll translate post I’ve already written in french for this blog. If they are a little bit old, no worries I’m going to update them.

Here is the first one of a long series I hope 😉

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