Social business top post 2013

53335943Here is ma choice of my best posts in 2013 (best not mean most read, but the most interesting for me and still relevant). This list is different of the french version here.

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Management 2.0 : HR processes and social business

Rocket ManThis article is coming from a white paper in french about HR 2.0, sponsored by Linkedin, where 10 experts including me, shared their vision. Here is the translation of my article about HR process and social business.

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Gamification, social business and possible drifts


Gamification is a buzz word, and can be use for many thing with some misuses. But in this post, it is more about the possible drifts related to this process which should lead the employees to be more engaged. Between a volontary engagement and one obtain in a more sneaky way, the spirit is not really the same. Behind some processes which should be funny, you can see a mean to put people under pressure.

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Social business : digital smuggler, does it make sense ?

Yesterday I was at a conference about HR2.0 as a speaker, where I was discussing notably with Claude Super, Franck La Pinta, Didier Baichere about evangelism and social business, HR2.0.

Being speaker at seminars, conferences, or through our blogs and more broadly by our writings, we have a role of digital smuggler, about the impact that can have the use of these social tools in organizations.

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