Digital transformation : discussion with L’Oreal CDO


Last week L’Oreal organized an informal chat with their Chief Digital Officer, Lubomira Rochet, who introduced her vision of the job and the state of the digital transformation in L’Oreal. The chat was simple, without showing off, without stonewalling. Thanks Lubomira for this opportunity and for your openmindness.

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Digital transformation : the hare and tortoise

FABLES LIEVRE TORTUEThere is a lot of talks these days about digital transformation, unfortunately I feel no real sense of emergency inside companies. But this sense of urgency is required to create momentum and provide the impetus.

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Management 2.0 : HR processes and social business

Rocket ManThis article is coming from a white paper in french about HR 2.0, sponsored by Linkedin, where 10 experts including me, shared their vision. Here is the translation of my article about HR process and social business.

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