Do companies kill digital mindset?

dig_mindsetAs we already discussed on this blog, digital transformation is the new Holy Grail for companies. 88% of them have set up a digital project according last Altimeter Group’s research, however, let’s be frank, we are far from a real digital transformation. Things are moving, but the realization is just a first stage. Only if we agree of what is a digital project.

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Digital workplace : lesson from the past

dgwpFor a long time IT has managed digital issues for their company. Since the last few years marketing and communication are more and more competitors on this topic. Especially thanks to the development of the SAAS and the Cloud, the tool becoming just a lever, but not the backbone of a digital transformation. But with the rise of the digital workplace, IT is back in the game Lire la suite

Social business : double trigger maturity

maturite-apprentissageThe maturity issue related to social business is important for companies. Really understand that there is different levels of development on the social business is not always easy. Especially to understand that climbing a maturity curve may take time by doing it step by step. But there is also a way of understanding the social business that is important in this process, based on the sharing of your vision. This second approach largely determines the first. In fact to summarize, there is a double maturity analysis. The first is more descriptive, how mature is the company and a second covering the way to deploy it and its impact on the transformation of the organization.

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Social business : internal communities, asking the right question to begin


Often inside enterprise, collaboration existing through communities inside an enterprise social network. Quickly, one of the main governance issue is about the opening communities process. The two main models are top-down approach (the decision is at a steering committee level) or a bottom-up approach (anyone can open a community without asking to anyone). Whatever the process, related to the company culture, here is a list of question to ask yourself before opening communities.

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Collaborative work at the heart of the digitalization of the business

make-it-digitalAccenture firm has released a new study on its technologies vision and their impact in 2013 on companies, with the central idea that any business becomes digital. This is not the first time I come back on this issue with some IBM studies, MIT, Sloan Management review, Mc Kinsey … the idea of digitizing the company is increasingly highlighted. But as nothing is worth pedagogy, and pedagogy is also repetition, here are the main points, which are related to the ideas presented in this blog, and not the entire study. I pass on all the tool side, data … (Even if it is interesting, but distant from the editorial line of this blog).

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